Homestuck Title Analysis
Hey, can you tell me about Muse of Space? I can't find much about my title anywhere.

Unfortunately, that is because there just isn’t a lot of information available. We know next to nothing about the Muse class. However, since Calliope (who is also a Muse of Space) is a very important character, I’m hoping we learn more before the series ends.

I’m sorry, I know this isn’t very helpful…

is the land of vines and bubbles good for a, for a lack of better words, bubbly sylph of life?

Yeah totally! I think it fits the title, and it sounds like a really cute planet! 

How well would a sylph of life and a knight of hope work together on and off the battlefield?

The Sylph of Life is a wonderful healer, and the Knight is more geared towards offensive abilities, so provided that they’re willing to work together, they’d make a nice, balanced team on the battlefield. It’s a pretty classic RPG setup; the knight functions as a tank while the sylph stays out of the way as much as possible and heals the damage.

As far as off the field goes, that really depends on their personalities, and what their relationship was like before the game starts.

Hello! If you don't mind me asking, how would a session including a Prince of Time, a Lord of Space, a Knight of Void, and a Mage of Life play out?

Looks like a pretty balanced session! Prince of Time has the potential to cause some trouble or be a really powerful ally. The Lord is also bound to be pretty powerful (though we don’t know much about that class yet, it is a master class). 

How do you think SBURB would handle Dissociative Identity Disorder? Would there be multiple titles for each different person, or just one for the group/system entirely? And what about planets, dreamselves, and quests? (I'm part of a system and we're hella curious about this because all four of us like HS, it's pretty sweet) Thanks :3 -Casper

Ohh, this is a really interesting question! I’m going to be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Dissociative Identity Disorder, so I may not be the best person to ask, but I think each person would have their own title/planet/dreamself/etc. Caliborn and Calliope were two separate identities inhabiting the same body, and in the game they had their own titles, planets, etc and were meant to function as a server/client pair (y’know, except for the part where Caliborn is a huge butthole and didn’t cooperate like you’re meant to in SBURB). 

I’m not really sure how the dreamself thing would work in this situation, though. I think I’m going to leave that one up to you!

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the tag list page looks hella nice, gj

Ahh, thank you!! I got the code from somewhere else (there’s credit on the page), so I don’t deserve all the credit - or even most of it - but typing out all of those links took AGES, so I’m glad to hear that paid off c:

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If the Mage of Light understands and experiences good luck, but mages are usually screwed over by their aspects, how could good luck come back at them? I love your analyses by the way!

I think that, eventually, they would run out of good luck. They’d bite off more than they can chew, thinking their Light powers will save them in the end, and then suffer drastic consequences. Or, maybe they’d need to fail at something, in order for the timeline to go “right” (the way Vriska has to be killed by Terezi in order to preserve the timeline), but because they can’t turn their luck off, they always succeed and end up dooming their session. 

That’s how I see it playing out, anyway.

Is the page class STRICTLY a male class, or is there a tiny exception?

So far we’ve only seen male pages in canon, but personally, I’m not a big fan of the idea of gendered classes. If you want to be a page, be a page. Live your dreams.