Homestuck Title Analysis
the tag list page looks hella nice, gj

Ahh, thank you!! I got the code from somewhere else (there’s credit on the page), so I don’t deserve all the credit - or even most of it - but typing out all of those links took AGES, so I’m glad to hear that paid off c:

I've noticed that most of the links I've clicked on say "UL Not Found"... Why is that? I tried to click on the beta kids' Godtier links and they didn't work...

If I haven’t made a post in that particular tag, then there won’t be anything to view. That’s why “url not found” keeps showing up.

If the Mage of Light understands and experiences good luck, but mages are usually screwed over by their aspects, how could good luck come back at them? I love your analyses by the way!

I think that, eventually, they would run out of good luck. They’d bite off more than they can chew, thinking their Light powers will save them in the end, and then suffer drastic consequences. Or, maybe they’d need to fail at something, in order for the timeline to go “right” (the way Vriska has to be killed by Terezi in order to preserve the timeline), but because they can’t turn their luck off, they always succeed and end up dooming their session. 

That’s how I see it playing out, anyway.

Is the page class STRICTLY a male class, or is there a tiny exception?

So far we’ve only seen male pages in canon, but personally, I’m not a big fan of the idea of gendered classes. If you want to be a page, be a page. Live your dreams.

What if I did a thing where I talked about what titles fictional characters would have? Would that be a thing people care about?

I don’t know if I’d do requests, though, since it would obviously have to be characters from stuff I’m familiar with…


I get a lot of questions about Knight of Doom. Is that a popular title?

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Hi there! Could you please see if our session would turn out well? We have a Mage of Breath as a leader, a Mage of Mind, Mage of Time, Bard of Space, Mage of Heart, Maid of Light, Rogue of Rage, Thief of Blood, and a Knight of Life.

Oh man, all those Mages… With the Mages eventually having their aspect coming back to bite them in the ass, I imagine your session would have a strong start, but a really horrible ending. Bard of Space is a particularly destructive player as well. The Maid of Light might be of some help, since they provide others with their aspect (in this case, Luck), but I think they would be worn out after a while. 

I’m sorry, but I don’t see this ending well for you guys. But most sessions do end in failure, so don’t beat yourselves up about it too much!

How good do you think a team combination of a Knight of Doom as the main fighter, Witch of Time as the main supportive person, Seer of Void as the main adviser (I think that Seers of Void can see and know what will cause failure), and a Muse of Hope as the party leader would fare in a session?

That sounds like a good, well-rounded session to me! Witch of Time is an amazing title/class combo, and Knight of Doom would be really powerful, though a bit dangerous. But Muse is a very powerful class, as well, and I think they would be a good counterbalance to the Knight. And Seers almost always make excellent tacticians. These guys have a pretty good shot, I think!

So, I had heard from somewhere(not quite sure where, though) that somehow your title can be related/affect your mind state. So would a Sylph/Knight of Mind be the ones who 'heal' other's minds but damage their own/protect others from mental attacks but suffer the damage they took for them? Also, if I'm not being too bothersome, what weapon would you suggest to the former title?(Sylph of Mind.)

A Sylph of Mind would definitely be the one to heal another’s mind. I’m not sure how much that would affect their own state of mind, though, as using her healing Light powers never seems to affect Aranea’s own luck. A MAGE of Mind, on the other hand, would be affected negatively by their aspect, and I think that would be an excellent way for that to work!

As for weapons, it really depends on what that specific Sylph is most comfortable with. Strategically speaking, though, healers are not going to be dealing a lot of damage, so something lighter and more versatile, or something that can amplify magic would be better for them than a large gun or heavy sword.