Homestuck Title Analysis

Heir of Mind 

Heirs inherit and are protected by their aspect. The mind aspect deals with thoughts as well as decisions. In short, an Heir of Mind is protected by their choices.

Analysis: Because they inherit their aspects, an Heir of Mind is a natural thinker. Things like puzzles come naturally to them, and they have great memories. They’re the kinds of people who do really well in school without having to try very hard.

The mind aspect also deals heavily with choice. For the heir class, this would manifest as a very strong sense of intuition; they would not be able to predict the outcomes choices the way Terezi (a Seer of Mind) does, but they would get a really strong feeling about whether or not they are making the right choice or not. 

Other players might interpret a Heir of Mind’s abilities as extremely good luck, and the heir themselves might believe this for a while as well, in the same way that John is oblivious to the Windy Thing before he learns to control it. If they trust this intuition, the choices they make are likely to be very beneficial to themselves and others. If they ignore it, the consequences might be disastrous, and could potentially haunt them for a long time afterwords

Alignment: True neutral. Most mind players are typically going to be neutral on at least one side of the chart, because characters with a really strong alignment one way or another are going to make fairly obvious decisions  rendering the whole “making choices” motief almost meaningless. If a Heir of Mind falls into a very strong alignment, like Lawful Good, for example, they are going to be more tempted to make choices based on this firm moral standing rather than following their intuition.

But what does it all mean?: You know how in movies, when a character makes a split second decision, and it is immediately followed by a shot illustrating how making the other choice would have resulted in disaster (or death, even)? Stuff like that would happen to an Heir of Mind a lot. 

Many fan theories about the mind aspect involve telekinesis. For an heir, mindy-powers like this would be more oriented towards protecting. They would be able to create a shield or a larg force field to deflect enemy attacks. 

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