Homestuck Title Analysis

Thief of Space

Thieves are known for stealing their aspect. Space is the aspect distance and size, as well as creativity. A Thief of Space would have the ability to steal all of these things.

Analysis: The thief class has been prevalent in RPGs since… well, forever, and is fairly self explanatory: thieves steal. When applied to the space aspect, this gives a thief the power to steal matter and size. Because a thief uses their abilities to benefit themselves, they would only be able to make themselves or their own weapons larger or smaller.

So when they change the size of an object, they must take on the size change themselves, rather than being able to do so freely the way Jade does (a rogue, on the other hand, would be able to apply this size change to their teammates).

The space aspect is often associated with creativity. A Thief of Space might not be very creative themselves, or perhaps they have a difficult time finding inspiration. Their thieving abilities would allow them to steal any creativity or inspiration they need/want.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral. You are going to be hard pressed to find a thief that falls into a lawful alignment, and they are going to be more concerned with what benefits themselves than what is right or wrong.

But what does it all mean?: In battle, a Thief of Space would be able to shrink an enemy’s weapon to make their own larger and more affective. Or, they could make themselves smaller, for a quick escape!

In traditional RPGs, thief/rogue classes are characterized as being very quick. Though they would be able to move through space nimbly on their own, a Thief of Space would also be able to steal vilocity from others, simultaneously slowing their enemy and making themselves faster. They could catch up on a quickly fleeing enemy and take them out before they even know it’s happening.

As far as the frog breeding quest would go, a Thief of Space might have a difficult time getting it right. As I mentioned before, it is in a thief’s nature to do things quickly; collecting the frogs would be easy for them, but they might not have the patience for the more tedious breeding process. They would likely ask their session’s time player for help, to make the process go faster.

All in all, I think a Thief of Space would be a difficult classpect to play, but they would be incredibly powerful under the right circumstances.

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