Homestuck Title Analysis

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Mage of Light

Mages experience and understand their aspects. Light is the aspect of fortune. So, a Mage of Light experiences good luck. 

Analysis: Because we haven’t really seen a mage in action in canon yet, this is all highly speculative. 

Mages seem to be heavily influenced by their aspects (Sollux dying a lot, Meulin and her “feels”), to a point where it can end up being a controlling/manipulative factor in their lives (Sollux, the Mage of Doom, hears the voices of the soon to be deceased, and as the Mage of Heart, Meulin’s former matesprit Kurloz literally manipulates her actions). For a Mage of Light, this might manifest in a strong belief in superstitions. These might range from traditional superstitions (avoiding black cats, etc) to personalized rituals meant to bring luck. 

The are not completely helpless, though! The canon mages also seem to have a strong influence over their aspect; Sollux is the chief programer behind SGRUB, the game that dooms his entire universe, and Meulin is apparently quite the matchmaker. Running off of this assumption, a Mage of Light is a very lucky person, and know how to manipulate luck to their advantage. In a session, they bring luck to their teammates. Sessions with such a player would have a higher chance of success than an average game session. 

Alignment: Chaotic good or chaotic neutral. A Mage of Light would put luck above the law. If part of their superstitious nature involves a belief in karma, their alignment will be good rather than neutral.

But what does it mean?: In battle, a Mage of Light would likely take a supporting role, using spells to raise the luck and accuracy of their teammates, or lower those same stats for the enemy. They could turn a losing fight into a swift victory. 

(Mage sprite came from here)

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