Homestuck Title Analysis

Knight of Space

Knights are an active class who attack with their aspect. Space is the aspect that deals with distance and size, as well as creativity. So Knights utilize all of these things to fight as well as protect their teammates.

Analysis: Both of the knights we have seen the most in the story (Dave and Karkat) rely heavily on their aspect. Dave (as well as Davesprite) does a lot of time traveling, and Karkat inserts himself into a leadership position and makes sure the trolls get through their session quickly and without any permadeaths (which is not an easy thing to do). They both jump into their aspect very quickly and use it often throughout the game.

 A Knight of Space would behave the same way in regards to their aspect. They would start manipulating space early on, and use their abilities often. Since Dave’s time powers involve moving through time rather than manipulating it (speeding it up, slowing it down, or stopping it the way Aradia does for Bec Noir), I think that a Knight of Space’s powers would be more about moving through space than manipulating it (making objects bigger or smaller, the way Jade does). 

Alignment: Honestly? I think this one could go into any non-evil alignment, since it seems that part of a Knight’s job is to protect. An Evil character would not fit this role at all. 

But what does it all mean?: This is a very powerful mythological role. Space is an important aspect in a successful session, and as we’ve seen with Dave, Knight can be a very useful class.

They would be able to move through space easily , and might create some sort of item to facilitate that (like Dave’s timetables). They are very agile in battle and would be difficult to hit. In theory, they could be very versatile in battle as well, if they are able to manipulate the size of their weapon to their advantage. 

As a Space player, they are also in charge of frog breeding. Because they can move about so easily, they have an advantage when it comes to finding the frogs they need quickly. This is another reason Knight of Space is a handy player to have in your session. On the other hand, if you think of a knight as a defender class, they might be too busy looking out for the rest of their team to devote the proper amount of time to it.

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