Homestuck Title Analysis

Rogue of Rage

Rogues “steal” their aspect so they can share it with others. Rage is the aspect of anger, and other negative emotions. So a Rogue of Rage spreads the anger around.

Analysis: Rage is an aspect we know very little about, but it is likely tied with negative emotions in general as well as just anger (Gamzee’s “berserker mode”, Kurloz’s affinity for evil [paired with Meulin’s affinity for red feelings in her shipping exploits - Heart is the aspect of positive emotions]). 

Rogues steal and give to others, “like Robin Hood”. A Rogue of Rage would be really manipulative, able to defuse anger or ignite it in others to fit their needs. 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Evil Neutral. It’s hard for me to imagine a Lawful or Good character in this role.

But what does it all mean?: In battle, a Rogue of Rage’s abilities involve taunting the enemy. Rather than using anger to make themselves stronger, they make they agitate others to trip them up in battle, making them easier targets. They would probably be good at diverting attention, making them helpful in strategically planned attacks if you can get them to cooperate. 

I could see them having an ability that functions like Confusion does in the Pokemon games, causing the enemy to lose control and hurt themselves while the Rogue sits back and enjoys the show.

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